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Ultimate Guide to Fun Activities Near Lucy Sky Cannabis Boutique
Ultimate Guide to Fun Activities Near Lucy Sky Cannabis Boutique

Ultimate Guide to Fun Activities Near Lucy Sky Cannabis Boutique

Are you planning a visit to the Lucy Sky Cannabis Boutique and wondering what else is in store for you nearby? Look no further, because we have curated the perfect guide for fun and exciting activities near Lucy Sky Cannabis Boutique.

Explore the Vibrant Art District

Nestled not too far from the boutique is Denver’s vibrant Art District on Santa Fe. Known for its rich Hispanic legacy, the district is home to hundreds of art galleries, studios, specialty stores, and hip coffee shops. Start off in the morning and watch how the district comes alive in the array of colors and charisma. Check out the unique events calendar for the Art District here.

Wander around the Denver Botanic Gardens right after enjoying an inspiring journey amidst art and culture. Just a short drive from the Lucy Sky Cannabis Boutique, this urban oasis provides a spectacular array of plants and flowers from around the globe.

Discover Denver’s History at the Colorado State Capitol

Don’t leave Denver without a visit to the iconic Colorado State Capitol. Take a guided tour to understand more about this historic building and admire the stunning panoramic views of Denver and the Rockies from the observatory.

Up next is the bustling 16th Street Mall, an impressive mile-long pedestrian promenade in the heart of downtown Denver. Brimming with a broad range of retail, restaurants, and entertainment venues, the mall promises an unforgettable experience for everyone.

Experience Thrills at Elitch Gardens Theme Park

Lastly, for an adrenaline-filled adventure, head to the Elitch Gardens Theme Park. With thrilling rides, an expansive water park, and numerous family-friendly attractions, this landmark amusement park makes for the perfect cap to your day of exploration and excitement. Visit their official site here to plan your visit.

This guide only scratches the surface of the multitude of things Denver has to offer around Lucy Sky Cannabis Boutique. Experience diverse and engaging recreations that complement your visit to our store, ensuring your trip to Denver becomes a memorable journey.